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Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement



This Data Protection and Privacy Statement sets out on the collection method, usage or disclosure of Personal Data which you have provided via the website or otherwise.

This Data Protection and Privacy Statement supplements but does not supersede or replace any other consents you may have provided to us in respect of your Personal Data and your consents herein are additional to any rights which we may have to collect, use and disclose your Personal Data.

Users’ personal data are collected and used to provide the latest and current property news, star buy and promotion, events and seminars and upcoming new launches to assist in their decision making process. The collection and usage of such data also allows us to recommend products which better meets buyer’s requirements and needs.

“Personal Data” refers to any data about an individual who can be identified from that data or from that data in combination with other information, to which we may have access.

Examples; Name, NRIC, passport or other identification number, telephone number(s), mailing address, email address and any other information relating to individuals which you have provided us in any form you may have submitted to us, or via any other form of interaction.

By providing your personal data, whether through the websites or otherwise, you consent, agree and accept that we, as well as our respective representatives may collect, use, disclose and share among ourselves your Personal Data as described in this Data Protection and Privacy Statement.



Normally, we may collect your personal data when you:

– Visit our websites with a cookies-enabled browser or register via our websites or use some of our website services and apps

– Conduct any online transactions (such as request for brochure, floor plans or booking appointment, etc.) on our websites or through our third party service providers, or such other service providers we may use from time to time

– Download or use any of our material form our websites or mobile applications;

– Enter or respond to our promotions, initiatives or contests

– Subscribe to our mailing lists for email subscription, postal promotions or phone or other forms of marketing (such as via telephone calls, messaging by SMS/ MMSs and WhatsApp);

– Interact with our representatives via telephone calls, letters, face to face meetings, text messages (WhatsApp, SMS, We Chat, etc.) or emails or submit a comment, question or feedback to us using a “Contact Us” or similar feature on our websites, or contact us and disclose your Personal Data in any other way

– Submit your personal data to us for any other reasons

If you provide us with any personal data relating to any third party (e.g. information of your spouse, children and/or employees) for particular purposes, by submitting such information to us, you warrant and represent to us that you have obtained the consent of such third party to provide us with the personal data for the respective purposes.

You should ensure that all personal data submitted to us is complete, accurate, true and correct. Failure by you or a relevant third party to do so may result in our inability to provide you with the products and services you have requested.



We may use your personal data:

– To register you for new launches, seminars, project and site tour and etc.

– To facilitate your participation in our promotions, events, initiatives or contests

– To send you promotional and marketing material via email, post or telephone where appropriate

– To answer your queries or provide you with assistance in any other way (including without limitation resolving complaints and handling requests); and

– To meet and comply with any applicable rules, laws, regulations, codes of practice or guidelines issued by any legal or regulatory body which are binding on us; and

– For purposes which are reasonably related to the aforesaid



In order to provide the above services to you, we may share your personal data with the following entities:

– Our business partners

– Third-party vendors and service providers (such as sub-contractors, agents or network operators, who are employed to perform business, support, operational and/or administrative functions such as marketing, payment, fulfilment and delivery of purchase;

– Third parties with whom we conduct joint marketing and/or cross-promotions.

– Our professional advisers such as lawyers and bankers.

Third parties are subject to confidentiality obligations and may only use your personal data to perform the necessary functions and not for other purposes.

– We may also disclose personal data as permitted or required by law.



A cookie is a small piece of information that is placed on your Internet browsing software (the “browser”) by a website that you visit. It helps the website to remember information about your visit to make your next visit easier and the site more useful to you.

We may use cookies on websites for the following purposes:

– To enable certain features and functions on our websites (e.g. remembering family nucleus and members, number of property, preferred room type, and other product and/or service preferences)

– To improve the contents of websites and emails from us;

– To utilize your browsing history for market research or marketing, including sending you advertisements;

– To obtain aggregated website usage and visitation statistics;

– To administer services to you; and

– For purposes which are reasonably related to the aforesaid.

You may reject the use of cookies by configuring your browser to disable the use of cookies. However, this may result in the loss of functionality which may restrict your use of our websites and/or delay or affect the way in which it operates.



Our websites may contain links to other third party websites and microsites, whose privacy practices may differ from ours. If you submit personal data to any of those sites, your personal data is not subject to this Privacy Statement.

We encourage you to review the privacy statement of any site you visit. By clicking on or activating such links and leaving our websites, we can no longer exercise control over any data or information which you give to any other entity.  Any access to such other sites is entirely at your own risk. We are not responsible for the personal data policies (including personal data protection and cookies), content or security of any third party websites linked to or from our websites.



Your personal data will be retained for as long as it is necessary to fulfil the purpose for which it is collected or for business or legal purposes, or in accordance with applicable laws.

Should you choose to unsubscribe from our mailing list or if your membership expires, please note that your Personal Data may still be retained on our database to the extent permitted by law.



We take reasonable care to keep your personal data secure, but we cannot be held liable for any loss you may suffer for unauthorized access or loss of any data provided to our websites. We cannot guarantee the security of data that you choose to send us electronically. Sending such information is entirely at your own risk.

You may withdraw your consent to our use of your personal data, at any time by informing us via email.

Please allow ten (10) working days for your request to be processed.

If you withdraw your consent to any or all use of your personal data, depending on the nature of your request, we may not be able to provide or continue providing our products and services to you, or administer any contractual relationship already in place. You understand and agree that in such instances where we require your personal data to fulfil a contractual obligation to you and you withdraw your consent to collect, use or disclose the relevant Personal Data for those purposes, we cannot be held liable for breach of that agreement. Our legal rights and remedies in such event are expressly reserved.